"In The Session" with Leow3ST

The West side of Chicago can bring a heavy reality on an individual growing up in the trenches.

Leo w3ST delivers his second EP, "Some Where w3ST", in which is some what a follow up from his first "Sincerely w3ST." When asked about his point of view on making this EP Leo w3ST stated, "My process is a little different. I just be making music and the project comes later." As we spoke about his direction w3ST is very clear on talking about real life and made sure he brought that to reality.

Leo w3ST music is distributed thru ChicagoCreed who is also his management team. His good friend Ashley is who introduced ChicagoCreed to Leo w3ST. This was the beginning of the relationship and now we are beginning to enjoy the hard work placed behind every lyric.

"Somewhere w3ST," is a six 6 track EP with two artist features: Israel and Jack Social. Somewhere w3ST opens with a voice delivering laughs and a message by comedian CoreyTheVoice. This EP came with a mixed group of producers such as: Domm - Mosaic - Croww - Jon Torino - Benji Wolf - AlfaBetas - and Mars Monarch. Mars Monarch of the DrummondBrothers played a major role by engineering the whole EP.

Leo w3ST give us his favorite, "Time Again!"