"In The Session" talk with BiG U4EA

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

In BiG U4EA’s high school period of life, freestyle rap started the creation of what is to come. But the truth is he just had a knack for music at a very early age. Producing music followed immediately with the passion and point of delivering “euphoric” feelings. His point and intentions is to give you goose bumps. This is the action in which he created his artist name “BiG U4EA!”

He states directly with conviction “right now theirs an acronym for BiG "U4EA", meaning, United 4 Ever Always!” The name came with a personal background of starting things and just not seeking the completion but music is the one thing he stayed focused on. As he was working an office job he made his final decision to pursue his music career by attending S.A.E. School of Audio Engineering Chicago. The best decision he ever made and to continue pressing forward he opened his music studio.

The company name, “Dreams Street Studios” providing solutions for recording and video much like an AV team. His first song release was three years ago called “problem child” recorded at home. Now, he’s releasing music at a very regular rate. His writing process to making these releases come to life is provided by his environment. Everything is freestyle and developed in a short period of time. Bar for Bar.

He releases his music everywhere and on all platforms. His personal enjoyment is Spotify. Here you can find his latest releases with “10k EU” and “Do You Know.” These two songs begin to show two sides of BiG U4EA. The one side is heart felt and second is just very playful. Followed with another called “TOO WAVY” featuring Luhmaul that comes with a social media challenge. The most recent drops are only the beginning.

Enjoy BiG U4EA!

Artist: BiG U4EA

Song: 10k EU & TOO Wavy (Streaming All Platforms)

Production By: BiG U4EA

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