"In The Session" talking WLVF GOD III with Bruus

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

We talking WLVF God III with Bruus and how we get to this point. This 3 part series of WLVF God is the signification of growth with oneself. Action Jackson began the process of photos that inspired the imagery of each album. Bruus constantly is always working on one self. As he was watching

a documentary from National Geographic inspiration became a connection. The story showed two wolves and their life struggles. This was the spark!

"Balance absolute truth with a danceable quality to it" straight from the mouth of the WLVF God. The first was long and well deserved to work on. WLVF God I is a total of 13 tracks. The songs that were worked on during this time created more than expected which pushed WLVF God II delivering two albums in one year as he has never done. The second released carried more baggage this time with life experience as he lost his crib, car, and suffered mini stroke all in a week. As we come around to listening to WLVF God II gives you 16 tracks of all bangers. Definitely, references of this!

WLVF God III comes around a year after progression and learning himself further. Recovery, The O.P.S. happening, The Rona happening, and living a little bit more life. This is pretty much his life as its documented through his music. This album is made with 12 songs. Bruus wanted to deliver this with the feel and sonics of just himself. CLASSIC!