"In The Session" talk with RHINO

"I wanna look just like you" is placed on the artwork of Rhino's latest single release. This derives from his story of studying the greats such as Lupe Fiasco, Nas, Kid Cudi, Jay-Z, and J.Cole to name. The "Mirror" is a complete representation of the phrase "you can lie to the world but you can't lie to yourself" and this is what Rhino lives by.

Reflection has always played a major part in all of Rhino's music. This engagement is his environment, his vices, people around, attitude, and good and bad side. Song plays with an undertone of "I wanna look just like you" which is the view of oneself.

The artwork is his very own eye inside the mirror. "The eye is more the mirror to the soul" as Rhino explains directly to the point of direction with the art piece. This is the main focus of his feelings. The feature Rio Mutasim is part of Tresside and this connection played a part of what Rhino was creating. Coming together to make this song was simply understanding who could play a major counter part.

Rhino had no governing on the track with Rio Mutasim which is the best way to create a great song. With some hidden gems inside the vocals and layering the image came clear to "MIRROR!"

Take a look at yourself to enjoy...