"In The Session" talk with GerryPthaDJ

GerryPthaDJ opens the interview strong with his radio personality drop! We started with the simple idea of "how did you get in the music industry?" Believe it or not Gerry P started as a barber and a DJ client/friend of his just simply stated to him "you have the gift of gab" you should just come out. The current time GerryPthaDJ was throwing little events inside the barber shop. Moving this concept would change his mentality to a larger avenue. Stepping out to the club with OlaAli (Durk's current manager) change the idea for GerryP. Learning the game of promoting with OlaAli drove right into the next untapped potential for growth.

Promoting started quickly which opened his eyes to larger ideas. This leaned directly into music delivering MyRadioChicago with himself and Nino Corleone. GerryP started with marketing and everything he can. This was the clear opening to taking his music love and career to the next level.

Everyday he's challenging his ear with comparison and knowledge from a couple great Chicago DJ's. With email exchanges from DJ Pharris to studying mixes gives him a way of judgement. DJ SeanMac is another DJ that GerryP compares his mixes to for the forward movement of his skills. Using these Dj's as a point of reference for his inspiration.

As his career is continuously evolving fashion comes along with this. As he states, "GerryP Entertainment" is part of him being the brand ambassadors for many clothing lines with the like of Kulture Chicago. Music and fashion goes hand in hand. This pushed the level of meeting all those in the music industry. The businessman of GerryP moved right into RokuTV with his own channels, not just one but three. Placing gifts of artistry to promote artist, independent actors, film makers and more.

10 year walk of hustling and making the necessary moves to circulate the black dollar. GerryPthaDj has more to offer and will be releasing more music with mixtapes. Keep an eye out as the level is on its way up.