• The first essential rap program is the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). The DAW is an electronic device or application software used for recording, editing, and producing audio files. The following can be found but not limited to: Protools, Apple's Logic, Abelton, and Garage band. There are lots of different DAWs out there, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Personal preference will come into play. 

TOP five secrets before recording with protools

  1. Pro tools records in multiple modes. Rappers use loop record to master delivery of lyrics and bars.

  2. If your in punch in mode: Pro Tools is always recording. this will allow you to start recording at a specific point. This is typically used in harder sections of your musical writing/verse.

  3. Loop Record will give you the smoothest delivery for a section in your recording.

  4. Headphone mix can be different from the mixing room which can give you better performance. Example raising and lowering your vocal in the headphones can be separate from delivering the corrected sound to the full audio experience.

  5. The tempo of the track can be changed without affecting the vocal.

Here are the top hip hop genre and sub genres that use the above secrets: TRAP, DRILL, REGGEATON, RAP, EAST COAST,  ATLANTA STYLE, SPANISH RAP, UNDERGROUND RAP, GANGSTER RAP, WEST COAST BOP, NEAS OULD RAP, and CHILL RAP. 

Terms you should know for your session 

The Main - May refer to the main lead vocal 

Dubs - Means an Overbud, or second take to be used as a layer, 

In and Outs - Various word in between bars

Bars and Beats - KNow how to count bars for rap lyrics and beats are different know the difference  (Click Here)

 Wild Outs - animated lyrics, commonly used in rap music

Harmonies - Higher or lower notes that are in key 

Melody  - The main Riff in the Song 

How To master your performance and why it cant be replaced

Your performance is the most important component of the quality of your song. All of the engineering tricks can not replace a great performance.

!. Know your Lyrics Be able To Preform The proficiently

2. Practice before you record have your lyrics memorized.

3. Confidence and energy is Key but Control is equally important

4. Have Fun but Be Focused.

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You Finished Your Song Or Project Whats Next...

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